since u been gone

Sitting here in my room, with a candle lit and listening to Southern Gothic music and generally working on getting myself back together this last week after exhausting myself socializing for a month, I remembered that I had set out to find myself on that trip. To reconnect and find myself in a way that … More since u been gone

Pictured: me, any time a god/dess shows up in my life and I need to think about it. The month was January, 2013, a few months after I had decided to start pursuing a pagan religion. I had no idea back then what path I wanted to follow, just researching around. I remember I was … More

take a breath

It seems like all I’ve done since April has been reflecting. This isn’t an unusual occurrence. When I’m left with my own thoughts, I tend to reflect and muse. A lot. Over the past, over more recent times as a few months to a few days. Since that awful moment in April where I broke … More take a breath

The last day of the month, of the season. Winter is well and truly here and has been for a good portion of May. Our rainy season is back in full swing after almost a year of no solid rain, and our dam levels are rising again (we were in the red zone for a … More